Who Can I Bring to an IEP Meeting?

Showing up for an IEP meeting at your child’s school can feel intimidating, especially if you are the only person at the table who isn’t part of the school staff. Keep in mind that as the parent, you are an important part of the IEP team and you are also an expert in your child. The other team members must consider your opinion before making decisions.You don’t have to show up to the meetings alone! In fact, it can be helpful to bring supporters who you trust and you know your child well. They can help describe your child’s needs or simply be there to take notes so you can be fully present in the conversation.Here are some ideas of people you might think about bringing with you to an IEP meeting:

  • A friend or other family member
  • Another caregiver for your child
  • An outside service provider
  • Anyone else you trust

Again, it is important that anyone you bring to the meeting really knows your child. We suggest telling the IEP Team in advance if you plan to bring a guest to your next meeting.We have lots tips and tricks for you as you prepare for the upcoming school year in our Special Education Guide.Click Here for our MA Guide!Click Here for our LA Guide!