Aspire's Internship Program accepting applications for Spring 2017

The Aspire Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) provides professional development and internship opportunities for people with autism (18+). Applications for their Spring 2017 cycle are open now until January 17, 2017.

Looking for a job or landing an interview can be challenging for people with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder. The Aspire Internship Program helps people with autism learn how to use their specialized skills in the workplace. They help navigate the different social interactions and day-to-day activities that come about within their internships. This program is designed to motivate and encourage autonomy in the professional world. Not to mention, it connects young adults with potential employers in the Boston area.
Young adults brainstorming at work

Features of the program include:

  • 12 weeks of on-site placement (February 7—April 27)
  • Weekly phone check-in with a designated job coach
  • Weekly 2-hour seminar with peers
Participating companies include:

Read more about the program and apply for their 2017 Spring cycle!