How Can Social Workers Help Me? National Social Work Month

March is National Social Work Month, and their motto this year is “Forging Solutions Out of Challenges.” This is something parents of children with disabilities have to do all the time. You’re faced with a challenge, and you work hard to solve it.

As a social worker myself, I’ve worked with many parents to try and help them figure out IEPs, how to apply for SSI, and how to get the right health insurance. It’s not easy to do! I also grew up watching my mom try to take on these challenges for my older sister who has a learning disability. My mom was tough and could do a lot on her own, but she also got a lot of help from social workers who cared about our family and wanted to see my sister grow.

Parents are strong and will never stop fighting. But social workers can help parents win these battles by pointing you in the right direction. 

What is social work?

Social work is an area of work that focuses on helping people in need. This need could cover anything from poverty and healthcare to abuse and recovery. Social workers are trained to work with you to help improve your quality of life – how well you are able to live your life each day.

For example, if you are having trouble finding a local support group in your area, a social worker would not only help you find one, but they would also check in with you to make sure you’re happy with the group and that you’re getting the support you need.


Social workers can work in schools, in hospitals, in government, and at nonprofits. They’re everywhere! In fact, there are more than 600,000 social workers in the U.S. today. Social workers play a big part in making sure that programs and services really help parents like you get what you need.

How can I find a social worker?

There are many places to find social workers that can help. Here are a few ideas of how you can start the search:

  • Contact an agency, like the Mass Advocates for Children Helpline or Family TIES of Massachusetts, and ask if they have social workers that can work with your family
  • Ask your child’s teacher or special education coordinator about what services the school social worker can offer you
  • Check and see if counseling is covered in your health insurance, and work with your provider to find a social worker that can help
  • Visit to find a clinical social worker that can offer individual therapy, mental health help, and support groups

How do I pay for a social worker?

You can pay for a social worker through your health insurance, with your own personal money, or in some cases you won’t have to pay at all – a social worker may be a part of a service you already receive. For example, you wouldn’t have to pay a school social worker because that is a part of the services the school provides.  On the other hand, if you wanted to have one-on-one counseling your health insurance might cover the costs, depending on your coverage.

Like social workers, Exceptional Lives tries to help you “forge solutions out of challenges” too by giving you personalized step-by-step Guides. We see how hard it can be for parents to find services for their children. With all of the information out there, we want to help you take on some of these challenges in order to find the right solution for you. Try one of our free Guides today!

The Exceptional Lives team is available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Give us a call at 1-844-628-4866 or send us an email at

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