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Back to school, back to paperwork.

The kids have transitioned back to school and now it’s our turn.  The IEP annual meetings are being scheduled, assessments are being requested, observations are happening and systems are being set up at home and at school. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good system, and I LOVE a good collaboration among team members. I don’t even really mind the paperwork. I know some of it takes researching to understand the systems. I’m capable.  But this time of year it all just feels like one. more. thing.  So I wrote about it….

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Another year, another IEP meeting

Every year, as our kids get older, the summer break feels different. Whether your kids have been learning in structured camps or unstructured exploration, at the beach, mountains or city streets, they are different now than they were when the last school year ended. Change and lack of structure can be hard, but think about how this summer has given you an opportunity to learn more about each other, about yourself and about how your family works best.

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