A closer look at transportation obstacles for people with disabilities

Researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San Jose State University in California recently wrote an article titled “Improving Pathways to Transit for Persons with Disabilities”. They took a look at how people with disabilities travel in five different states: Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington.

The goal of their research is to find ways for people with disabilities to use transportation to access services, go to appointments, and gain more independence.

What are their biggest suggestions?

  • Make the areas around public transportation stops accessible, like sidewalks or crosswalks – not just the stations or bus stops

  • Offer many different kinds of accessible transportation instead of just one or two options. Try to have busses, trains, trolleys, cars, AND cabs!
  • Make people with disabilities a part of the transit decision-making team – that way all voices are heard and included
  • Remember that accessibility improvements help everyone, not just people with disabilities

Need help with transportation? The Massachusetts Rehab Commission has put together a quick listing of transportation resources for people with disabilities in Massachusetts.

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