Interest form available for DESE/DDS Program (1/8-1/31)

INTEREST PERIOD—January 8-January 31

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education & The Department of Developmental Services (DESE/DDS) Program helps provide in-home and community based therapeutic support to students ages 6-17. Eligible participants must show a need for services that prevent a restrictive, out of home residential placement. This program also helps support services for families whose child attended a residential school and has since returned home, providing appropriate assistance in the home. Specifics about the program are listed below and can also be found here.


-The student must be eligible for DDS Children’s Services.
-The parent/guardian must agree to participate in an individualized assessment related to the student.
-The parent/guardian must provide copies of all relevant evaluations/diagnostic information from medical/school professionals.
-The parent/guardian must provide a copy of the most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP).
-The parent/guardian must share information about all other services provided to the student through school, insurance and other state funded programs.

NOTE: filling out an interest form does not guarantee selection for the program. Submissions only serve to indicate a family’s interest in the program.

Selection Process:

1. DDS will sort the Interest Forms geographically based on the DDS regions.
2. DDS will determine the number of available slots based on the current distribution of students per region, trying to ensure that each DDS region is adequately represented.
3. Area/Regional DDS staff will work with families to complete the individualized assessment process.
4. Eligible students will be prioritized based on their level of assessed need, which includes consideration of the other services the student is receiving in their school, home and community.
5. Enrollment will continue throughout the year until all available slots are filled.

If selected for the program, the student is required to receive between three to six hours a week of behavioral/skills-based training. The student's family will have great involvement in the program in order to: help the student's ability to carry out activities of daily living (ADL), enhance the student's ability to communicate, and support positive skills building.

Fill out a form if your child is:

1. Currently eligible as a child for the Department of Developmental Services (DDS)
2. Currently enrolled in an approved school program through the local school district and has an IEP
3. Between the ages of 6 and 17
4. Currently living at home

It is a priority of DDS to ensure that the process for requesting eligibility for the DESE/DDS Program is fully accessible to families and children who are from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Translation and interpretation is available free of charge to all participants.

Read more about the program and fill out an interest form. Materials are also available in Spanish. If you have any questions, please contact DESEDDSPROGRAM@MassMail.State.MA.US or call 617-624-7518.

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