Exceptional Lives launches new version of its free online Guides

June 1, 2016 – Exceptional Lives launched today a new version of its free online Guides designed for parents of children or adult family members with disabilities. The new release, driven by parent feedback, features improvements including: 

  • An interactive checklist that parents can use to track their progress
  • New graphics to fit a variety of learning styles
  • My Files tab that shows all forms in each Guide in one place
  • Question section where parents answer questions first, then receive their personalized Guide
  • An automated reminder email with a link to return to a saved Guide at any time

Exceptional Lives uses innovative web-based software to create free online Guides for parents and caregivers of children or adults with disabilities. Each Guide asks parents simple questions about their family’s situation, then uses their answers to display relevant, actionable information.

“These step-by-step Guides are perfect for busy parents. Just do A, B, C and you are signed up for, say, SSI or MassHealth," said Kim Corwin of Northborough, Massachusetts. “As a working mother, I can only search for information to help my son at night or on weekends. Then I have to sift through an overwhelming amount to get what’s relevant to us. It’s stressful and frustrating.”

“But these Guides give you just the info you need in plain language, which means the first time you read a sentence you can understand it and get it done. That makes a big difference. And you can save a Guide and come back to it at any time. It’s just what families in our world need.”


"If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can’t help your child,” said Natalie Sequea of Boston. “After using an Exceptional Lives Guide, I know which services we can be getting, and how to get them! These Guides bring all the information you need in one place. They show you where you need to start, and where you need to go. They’re very easy to use. Exceptional Lives has the most parent-friendly site I’ve ever seen. By creating this platform, you give parents like me hope.”

Parents can access the free Guides at any time through any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. The Guides enable parents to get personalized disability information and resources they need to ensure their family member thrives. Those who have a question while using the Guides can get free phone or online support from Exceptional Lives’ professional staff.

Exceptional Lives released an initial version of its Guides for Massachusetts families in November 2015. Since then more than 7,000 parents, professionals, and persons with disabilities have accessed the Guides. Using a combination of data analytics and feedback from parents and practitioners, Exceptional Lives simplified the plain language content and enhanced the user experience in the new version it released today.

About Exceptional Lives

Exceptional Lives uses web-based software to produce free online Guides and other tools that help parents navigate the complex processes they face in caring for family members with disabilities. All content is sourced from subject matter experts, presented in plain language, focused on actionable steps, and displayed so parents see only what is relevant to them. Free phone and online support is also available. Exceptional Lives holds free workshops for parents and caregivers of children and adults with disabilities throughout the year. More is available at www.exceptionallives.org.