Exceptional Lives team members: only a call or email away

Your time is limited! Today’s families juggle jobs, children and often, elderly parents. Caring for a child with a disability is especially time-consuming and stressful. We created Exceptional Lives so that exceptional families can find answers 24 hours a day to some of their most difficult challenges.Our first free online Guides focus on the following topics:

We’ve worked hard to make our Guides as complete as possible. But we realize these topics are complex, and that parents sometimes need some extra help. If you have a question or concern, please reach out to one of our team members.Meet team member Hillary Dolinsky. Hillary has a master’s degree in social work. She joined Exceptional Lives in order to help make your life easier.Growing up with a sister with a disability helped Hillary realize how important it is for parents and caregivers to have quick, easy access to resources. This experience inspired Hillary to enter social work, where she’s focused on programs and policies that impact the lives of children and adults with disabilities.If you get stuck at any point when using one of our Guides, Hillary is only a call or an email away.The same is true of Dylan Randall. During his career as a Massachusetts public school counselor, Dylan has devoted himself to supporting children with disabilities. His passion is helping all students reach their full potential.Dylan RandallAs part of his service to children with disabilities and their families, Dylan has:* Served as team member on more than 200 IEP teams,* Worked as a 504 Plan coordinator, and* Managed test accommodations for both the MCAS and PARCC.Like Hillary, Dylan is more than happy to help walk you through our Guides and answer any questions along the way.So please check out our Guides here, and feel free to contact an Exceptional Lives team member at 1-844-628-4866 or info@exceptionallives.org if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. We want to hear from you!