Exercise cuts behavior issues in half, new study shows

A new study shows that children with autism and other similar disorders may show a decrease in challenging behaviors throughout the school day, with a little exercise. The study compares children's behaviors who participate in cybercycling physical education to those taking traditional physical education classes during school. Those who took part in cybercycling activities were less likely to act out in school.

Cybercycling uses a regular, stationary aerobic bike and includes a screen that takes children into a virtual world of paths and games while exercising. It is an engaging way to exert a little energy. Students in the study ranged from ages 7-16 and were part of a therapeutic day program.

According to The Journal of Pediatrics, "when children were participating in the cybercycling program, researchers found their odds of exhibiting poor self-regulation or being taken out of class because of behavior issues declined by as much as 51 percent."

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