Expanded access to independent evaluations in Massachusetts

New regulations increase the amount you can be reimbursed for independent educational evaluations (IEEs).

An IEE is a tool parents can use when they disagree with an evaluation the school district has conducted. They can request that a psychologist, therapist, or other provider outside – or independent from – the school district conduct their own evaluation in addition to the one the school district has provided. An evaluation from an independent source is often very important in determining a child’s educational needs and what supports he or she will receive, as well as ensuring a parent is involved in the IEP process.

Until now, Massachusetts has reimbursed for IEEs at rates much lower than what the evaluators charge. This meant that many families couldn’t afford the IEEs even though they were entitled to them under law. The new regulations should increase access to IEEs for more families across the state.

Read more from our friends at Massachusetts Advocates for Children.

Reimbursement applies to IEEs conducted at public expense; parents always have the option to pay for an outside evaluation on their own if that is what they choose. Are you going through the evaluation process and want to learn more? Check out our Special Education Guide.

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