Google homepage honored disabilities activist Ed Roberts

Disabilities activist Ed Roberts would have celebrated his 78th birthday on January 23. In honor of this pivotal figure in the disabilities community, Google Doodle created artwork for their homepage that featured Roberts giving a lecture in his wheelchair.

At the age of 14, Roberts contracted the polio virus and was paralyzed from the neck down. He needed to use a wheelchair and sleep with an iron lung at night. It was not until high school that he began to advocate for his rights as a person with physical limitations. When he was almost denied his high school diploma because he did not complete driver's education and physical education, Roberts petitioned the school and won. He then continued his education as one of the only students with significant disabilities at the University of California, Berkeley.

Ed Roberts is largely known as the founder of the Independent Living Movement, which was a result from his involvement in his bachelor's and master's programs. This project has been a framework for disabilities rights movements around the globe—a true testament to his efforts to make the world accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

We are fortunate for Ed Roberts and his commitment to the disabilities community. It is because of people like him that we are able to provide information and resources to our families, offering them support and hope.

Below are a couple of our Guides that align with the efforts of Mr. Roberts.

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