Love, Eventually by Ona Gritz — New York Times

Love, Eventually by Ona Gritz of The New York Times shares a unique story of love. For a large portion of her life, having hemiplegic cerebral palsy hindered her ability to be comfortable with herself. She brushed this part of her identity aside, as she tried to continue on with her life.

However, it became very clear to her, after making her first friend who also had cerebral palsy, that acknowledging who she really was would be the only way she could learn to love herself and others.

Through a marriage, child, and divorce, Ona experienced love and loss. Despite the trying times, she was able to find solidarity in herself. She began to understand who she was and it was then that she met the man for her. It may be coincidence, but Dan also had a disability. He was born blind. She explains in the article:

"Still, had the possibility of this loving bi-disability marriage presented itself to us years earlier, I don’t think either of us would have been ready. We needed the right combination of fallacies, wrong turns and formative relationships to lead each of us exactly here."

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