Meet Your Child’s IEP Team

Who will be sitting around the table at your child’s IEP team meeting? We've created this list to help you know who to expect to see as you head into your first IEP meetings of the year.Under federal law, the IEP team must consist of:A general education teacher who works with the studentA special education teacher who works with the studentThe special education coordinator or another representative from the school districtA parent (or guardian)The student with a disability whenever appropriateOften other specialists or anyone else who has helpful information about the studentYour school district might require additional people to attend the meeting. That’s fine, as long as all the people listed above are there, too.Always look at your school or district handbook for clarification on their process. Remember, it is always helpful to speak with other parents who have been through these meetings. They likely have some insight they are willing to share!Want to learn more? Read our blog post on 5 Tips to Prepare for Your IEP Meeting and Who You Can Bring to an IEP Meeting!