School’s Out: Assessing this year’s IEP

Another school year is behind you. You’ve been scrambling to attend end-of-the-year activities. Your child is bursting at the seams to be done with school. Now, school’s out and summer’s here!

With all the excitement of summer vacation, you can quickly get too busy to set aside time and reflect on the school year gone by. But it might be a good idea to take a few minutes now to think about your child’s IEP. Was it helpful? Did everyone on the IEP team stick to the plan? Are there things you want to add to the IEP next year? It might be easier to answer these questions now before summer activities consume you and your family.

So sit down and write out a few thoughts about your child’s IEP. Save these notes in a safe place and bring them to your IEP meeting in the fall.

Need help? The Federation for Children with Special Needs has put together an “IEP Team Members – Self Reflection” worksheet to help you think about what you and the rest of the team can do to make your child’s IEP better. Be honest and be fair – every member of the IEP team plays an important part, especially you!

Want a refresher on the IEP process? Visit our Exceptional Lives IEP Guide at any time. 


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