Special offers and discounts for people with disabilities

When it comes to money, the everyday expenses for people with disabilities can be overwhelming for both the mind and wallet. Fortunately, those at CouponChief have created a resource for people with disabilities that helps them find special offers and discounts in their area.

Their approach to these types of discounts is:
"'As with our other guides, the purpose here is not to portray anyone as “less than” or “needing special help.” For us, the bottom line is “If you can save money, why not do it?'"

The best advice that this company gives for everyone and anyone looking to save a little money is to
always ask. Whether it is at a local restaurant or retail store, asking the employee if they offer any special discounts (for any reason) can open up many chances to save.

Yellow speech bubble that says, "Always ask"

Image from couponchief.com

CouponChief also gives a great resource for persons with disabilities nationwide, to locate discounts that may otherwise go unnoticed. Discounts for People with Disabilities allows you to filter offers by state, county, and service type. This creates a specialized search for discounts that are relevant to you.

Note: not all of the discounted services and offers are free. Many are low-cost or help guide to programs that help with a purchase. However, it is useful to be aware of the opportunities to save—bringing awareness to the support and services in your community.

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about CouponChief's retail services guide, to save a little and learn a lot!