Limited-edition Starbucks gift cards feature & support artists with disabilities & homelessness

For a limited time only, Starbucks will feature the artwork of 11 artists with disabilities and homelessness on their stores' gift cards. The cards are preloaded with $100 and will be available to purchase, while supplies last. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist.

The artists are a part of ArtLifting, a national organization that empowers people with disabilities and homelessness to create and sell their artwork.

ArtLifting got its start when 18-year-old Liz Powers received a grant from Harvard University to create an art group for the homeless. The artwork she saw inspired her to continue her efforts to support artists who may otherwise not have the opportunity to create and sell their work. In 2013, she and her brother Spencer founded ArtLifting and have grown to influence many communities nationwide.

Their model provides a platform for artists to craft a business for their work, in efforts to promote confidence and improve all aspects of life. Over half of the proceeds go directly to the artists, and a portion of the proceeds goes to community art programming and support for those connected to ArtLifting. Starbucks will contribute $100,000 to help these community partners, and bring awareness to their customers. Keep up the great work!

Here are some of their featured designs:

artlifting_sbux_card_11-1024x659artlifting_sbux_card_10-1024x676crwz3un2-1500-1164 1s8ku0nj-1500-1164 x6fcgrkb-1500-1164 0erzgmf7-1500-1164 kjpmn9gs-1500-1164 vx2z9g5b-1500-1164Learn more about this recent collaboration and visit ArtLifting to view other artwork.