Temple Grandin honored as inductee to Women's Hall of Fame

Autism advocate and animal livestock expert Dr. Temple Grandin will be honored as one of the 10 women inducted into this year's Women's Hall of Fame later in 2017.

At the age of 2, Grandin was diagnosed with autism and faced a great deal of social anxiety and stress throughout her life. The pressures and emotions she felt from her environment would be what in turn helped her identify the issues in animal livestock handling and design.

Her efforts and innovations have transformed the welfare of animal livestock. The systems she has designed for animal handling have contributed a great deal to the growing industry. As a researcher and animal specialist, Dr. Grandin has been able to bring her expertise to communities across the nation. Temple Grandin continues to teach and write about her passions for a better quality meat and livestock industry, while simultaneously advocating for those with autism.

Temple Grandin's presence in the autism community demonstrates the possibility of purpose and opportunity to find a rightful place no matter what challenges you may face. Today, she shares her story with those with and without autism to show that it is possible to use your personal experiences to fulfill your passions.

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