Welcome to Exceptional Lives!

Welcome to Exceptional Lives. Our goal is to provide helpful services to you and your exceptional family. Raising children is always complicated, and can be even more so when your child has disabilities. We are parents of children with disabilities, and professionals in this field. We understand the stress and frustration often involved in helping children, including adult children, get the services and support they need. To assist you and other families in this situation, we created Exceptional Lives.

At Exceptional Lives you will find Guides designed to walk you through challenging processes. For example, our Guides can help you figure out how to set your child up with a good IEP,apply for SSInavigate guardianship, or make the most of your health insurance coverage. Whether you have a new diagnosis or are an expert in your child's situation, we want to meet you where you are. We can help you move toward greater peace of mind, organization, and knowledge.

We are so pleased that you found us, and welcome your feedback. Please let us know what services and information would be most helpful to you and your child. Exceptional Lives wants to support you in giving your child the happiest life possible. We will use this blog to post information on a variety of topics related to parenting children with disabilities, so please visit often.

Finally, we welcome your feedback as you walk through the Guides. And we’re available toll free at 1-844-628-4866 or info@exceptionallives.org if you have questions or need support along the way.

Again, welcome to Exceptional Lives!