What is Medicaid and how do I apply for my family member?

Medicaid is a health insurance plan provided by the government that covers things like doctor's visits, medicines, and hospital stays. All states have their own versions of Medicaid plans. These plans are for people with low income or who have disabilities. You have to qualify based on your income or sometimes based on your disability. In Louisiana, the most common Medicaid plans are Healthy Louisiana (this used to be called Bayou Health) and La CHIP (for children). In Massachusetts, the Medicaid plan is called MassHealth.

Medicaid plans also offer special services to people with disabilities.

Be sure to ask your plan what services they offer related to disabilities. These might be things like tests or assessments, special treatments or therapies, or special equipment or devices that help your family member communicate or move around.Learn more here!Learn more about Medicaid in LouisianaLearn more about Medicaid in Massachusetts