Transition to Adulthood

Learn how to help your child prepare for life after age 22, whether it’s going to college, getting a job, or finding support for their daily life.
We’ll show you how to plan for transition through your child’s school, and to connect with adult support programs.

Common Transition Questions from Other Parents

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How can I make sure my child gets the right support at school?

What can the school do to support my child?

What is a Transition Plan?

The transition plan is a detailed plan for helping your child meet their goals for adult life after high school.

What are my child’s choices for pathways to graduation?

What kinds of tests and assessments will my child have to take in high school?

What if my child has trouble with tests?

What are accommodations?

What if my child has a significant disability and needs intense support?

What are Alternate assessments/LEAP connect?

How can my child prepare for employment?

How can my child prepare for college?

How can I help my child be engaged in their own education and transition?

What outside agencies might be involved in my child’s transition?

What does it mean to be eligible for Act 833?

I’ve heard these terms, what do they mean?

I want a brief overview of transition.

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