Mission and Vision

It's hard to find information and support when you care for children with special needs or developmental disabilities. We’re here to make it easier.

Exceptional Lives provides free information for families who have children with disabilities on how to access services and resources, and explains processes in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Exceptional Lives is an independent not-for-profit organization.

We aim to improve the lives of caregivers and their children by:

  • Meeting them where they are,

  • Reducing stress by providing accurate, vetted, and easy-to-understand information, and

  • Supporting parents and caregivers with knowledge so they can more effectively advocate for their children.

We envision a world in which families raising children with disabilities become effective advocates for their children because they are informed about and able to access the public resources and benefits they need to help their children thrive.


Need Help?

Call or text us at: 1-844-354-1212, email us at
info@exceptionallives.org, or chat with us online.